Best Graphics Card Under 100 Dollars for Gaming

If you ask me what is the strongest gaming graphics card you can get in the market today??, without a doubt, the answer is GeForce GTX Titan Black. The GTX Titan Black uses 384-bit memory interface width and 2880 CUDA cores for its GDDR5 video memory (effective clocked at 7000MHz). Unfortunately, its price is very, very expensive.

But what if i told that you don't really need an expensive graphics card to play most modern games. GeForce GT 740 for example, with memory bandwidth more than 60000 MB/sec (DDR5 version), it will easily handle a game like Battlefield 4. And the good news is, the price of GT 740 is really affordable. Well, in this article i will show you some good, cheap graphics card for gaming under and around 100 dollars, keep reading...

Some tips you must know before you buy a graphics card:

* In order to avoid bottleneck and get the optimal performance of the video cards below, make sure your computer is powered with at least strong quad core processor. (a dual core processor is still good for HD gaming though)

* DDR3 vs DDR5
Get the DDR5 graphics card instead of DDR3 if you want to get better performance in gaming. (the DDR5 version is equipped with faster memory clock and larger bandwidth thus the price is more expensive).

* Make sure you have a good power supply before you buy a graphics card. You need at least 400 or 450 Watt power supply unit in order to run the graphics card below properly.

* If you are only using one monitor, 1 GB graphics card is more than enough for you (and it's cheaper of course).

* List of graphics card manufacturer i recommend: Gigabyte, XFX, ASUS, Sapphire, HIS, MSI, EVGA, Zotac. 

Okay, let's go to the main topic, here are some good graphics card under and around one hundred dollars i recommend:

1. Nvidia GeForce GT 640

People always compare GeForce GT 640 with Radeon 7750 in terms of peak shader, rasterization throughput and texturing, but GT 640 fails to outrank 7750's memory bandwidth.

GT 640 has a lot of good features like Nvidia Adaptive V Sinc, Blu-ray 3D Support, and new Anti-aliasing mode, FXAA. Unfortunately, GT 640 uses smaller and less powerful graphics processor than the GK104 GPU. It also doesn't  feature NVIDIA's boost clock algorithm which can increase performance if the card is running below the TDP limit.

Overall, GeForce GT 640 is one of the best low-end cards and recommended if you are looking for a cheap gaming card.

Power Consumption:  65 Watts
Memory Bandwidth: 57024 MB/sec
Texel Rate: 28800 Mtexels/sec
Pixel Rate: 14400 Mpixels/sec

2. Radeon HD 6670

Radeon HD 6670 offers a great significant improvement over the Radeon HD 5670 it replaces. It's even capable to handle modern games at reasonable resolutions. You can play Bioshock Infinite at high setting with this graphics card like the video above.

HD 6670 is one of the best choice for you if you are looking for a good low power graphics card for gaming. Since HD 6670 doesn’t need a PCI Express power connector, you can run it to a computer with 400W power supply unit.

Power Consumption: 63 Watts
Memory Bandwidth: 64000 MB/sec
Texel Rate: 19200 Mtexels/sec
Pixel Rate: 6400 Mpixels/sec

3. Radeon R7 240

The R7 240's most fundamental difference from Radeon R7 250, apart from the GPU chip, is the use of lower core clock specification. With 780 MHz core clock and 1800 MHz effective memory clock (DDR3 version), the R7 240 is not recommended for 1080p resolutions.

Judging from its standard specification, the R7 240 resembles the old HD 6570. Well, one of the most interesting point about this video card is its power consumption is really low (30 Watt max TDP).

Power Consumption: 30 Watts
Memory Bandwidth: 28800 MB/sec
Texel Rate: 14600 Mtexels/sec
Pixel Rate: 5840 Mpixels/sec

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4. Radeon R7 250

The R7 250 is powered by Oland XT GPU. The Oland XT itself is a new codename for Cape Verde LE GPU. As we all know, Cape Verde LE is first used on the Radeon HD 7730. As a result it makes the Radeon R7 250's GPU chip has similar specs to the Radeon HD 7730 with 384 Stream Processors, 24 Texture Units, and 8 ROP Units.

Radeon R7 250 is one of the cheapest card from the entire line of Radeon R9/R7 200 graphics cards series. Despite its affordable price, the performance of the R7 250 in gaming can not be underestimated. Well, the R7 250 is a low-end video card that could be another good option if your budget is limited but you still want to play new games with good quality settings. Technically, with memory bandwidth about 72000 MB/sec and effective memory clock more than 4000MHz, R7 250 (DDR5 version) is almost as strong as HD 7750.

R7 250 best features

* Microsoft DirectX 11.2

* Enhanced Anti-Aliasing Quality.

* AMD CrossfireX.

* AMD Mantle
Mantle is AMD's latest APIs that can be used as an alternative to Microsoft's DirectX API. Theoretically, Mantle can make a game run more smoothly because that game is able to take full advantage from the GCN architecture-based graphics card's capabilities.

Power Consumption: 65 Watts
Memory Bandwidth: 72000 MB/sec
Texel Rate: 24000 Mtexels/sec
Pixel Rate: 8000 Mpixels/sec

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5. Nvidia GeForce GT 730

The GT 730 comes with some different variants in terms of specifications, 1GB and 2GB DDR3/DDR5 powered by 96 and 384 CUDA core, and obviously, this video card is made for gamers with limited budget.

After the release of the GeForce GT 750 with Maxwell architecture for the mid-end market, Nvidia then continued to target the low-end market through the GeForce GT 730. According to the information above, we can see if the GeForce GT 730 is not intended for heavy gaming. However, the GT 730 is still worth to get especially the DDR5 version.

Power Consumption: 25 Watts
Memory Bandwidth: 40000 MB/sec
Texel Rate: 14400 Mtexels/sec
Pixel Rate: 7220 Mpixels/sec

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6. GeForce GT 740

After the success made by GeForce GTX 750 Series, mid range gaming video card which has been powered by Maxwell-based GPU architecture, Nvidia released newer models with more affordable price, GT 740 and GT 730.

Unlike the GTX 750 Series, both GT 740 and GT 730 are still powered by Kepler GPU architecture. Interestingly, the GeForce GT 740 and GT 730 are offered with the DDR5 and DDR3 memory type with capacity from 1 GB to 2 GB memory size.

Standard specifications

GeForce GT 740 GPU chip is powered by Kepler GK107-based architecture, the same GPU chip which powers GTX 650, GT 640, and also the GT 630. Its GPU is clocked at 993 MHz with 384 CUDA Cores, unfortunately, it does not support the GPU Boost feature.

Well, just like i told you above, the GT 740 GDDR5 has faster memory clock than the DDR3 version. For the DDR5 version, its memory operates at clock speed of 5000 MHz (effective). While for the DDR3 version, its memory is clocked at 1800 MHz (effective).

- GT 740 is also available with 4 GB memory size which is more expensive than the reference model.
- GT 740 DDR5 requires one power connector.

Power Consumption:  64 Watts
Memory Bandwidth: 80000 MB/sec
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Thanks for reading the article...